About / Our Mission

Tulou Studio is a young, full-service architecture and interior design firm that specializes in sustainable, regionally specific, and ecologically sensitive design — the design of buildings and spaces that not only comply with, but go beyond standardized green-building guidelines such as LEED. The results are projects that enhance local community patterns, refresh the local architectural character, restore vital links within existing ecosystems, and promote the development of a “greener” future.

We believe that the surest path to a “greener” tomorrow lies in projects that encourage communities to develop in a sustainable manner – implementing green strategies that not only improve a building’s sustainable “score”, but encourage a harmonious and mutually gainful relationship between the built and natural environments.

Whether that involves the re-development of a worn-down, suburban mall into a high-density, mixed-use, sustainable entertainment center, developing new forms of interactive, open space in urban centers, or designing homes nestled within the beautiful, but ecologically sensitive Florida swamplands, our clients look to us to create fresh and approachable spaces to live, work, eat, and play in the cities and landscapes they love – ensuring the continuity of the ”places” they grew up in, fell in love with, or dream of visiting.

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