Sustainability / Benefits of Sustainability

We understand that a lot of our clients want to know what the benefits are to designing sustainably. At Tulou Studio we believe that sustainable design is the only acceptable approach to architecture and interior design in the 21st century, and we are willing to do all within our power to make the benefits of “green” living available to you, our clients. We will work with you to insure that sustainable design is a top priority early in the design process, implementing the most effective green strategies for your particular project. Designing your project sustainably through Tulou Studio can result in, but is not limited to the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy and water consumption bills.
  • Improved air quality, lighting, and more efficient spaces result in the most comfortable live/work environments.
  • Use of low maintenance materials and landscaping results in longer replacement cycles, saving both material costs and labor costs.
  • Increased connectivity to community infrastructure and transportation provide added visibility and accessibility for commercial projects, and alternative transportation options for residential projects.
  • Emphasis on open space, create spaces that beautify neighborhoods, and generate additional income for local businesses.
  • Buildings that generate their own energy on-site can achieve off-the-grid energy status or sell surplus energy back to the community.
  • Use of local and regional materials and techniques, guarantees easy availability of materials and the ability of local tradesmen to perform work on the building more efficiently, saving you time and money during construction.

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