Sustainability / Sustainable Mission

At Tulou Studio we take passion in making sustainable living available to our clients. With the creation of LEED and other green building standards, a blueprint for eco-friendly homes and buildings has become available to the industry. We believe this presents us with an opportunity to not only produce the most energy-efficient buildings for our clients, but to explore the unique materials and design strategies of green building to realize our clients’ dream projects, and create aesthetically refined buildings, homes, and interiors. Through the use of green strategies and eco-friendly materials, we can produce projects that are at once warm, inviting, comfortable, efficient, and provide a sense of “place” to their communities.

At Tulou Studio we apply our passion for green design across building types, and help our clients reap the benefits of sustainable homes, offices, hotels, and commercial interiors:

  • Commercial Building – Green design strategies result in reduced utility and maintenance costs, improved indoor air quality by avoiding the use of harmful off-gasing from materials such as paints, and provide added environmental controls to employees and tenants. The use of natural, rapidly-renewable materials and recycled materials in clever ways can produce warm and inviting workplaces, where combined with the benefits of an improved indoor environment, employees, customers, and owners can feel safe, comfortable, and productive.
  • Hospitality – Aside from the reduced costs associated with green design and efficient floor plans designed specifically to the needs of hotel staff, the greatest benefit to the hospitality sector is the increased comfort of guests. Green hotels allow guests greater control over their individual environment, provide more suitably daylit ammenities and rooms, and can provide a unique “look” that guests cannot find elsewhere.
  • Homes – Green homes provide a large step toward living a healthier lifestyle. Automatic controls and refined systems allow homeowners to modify their home environment to suit their comfort levels, save costs, and respond automatically to the needs of the seasons. Warm, natural materials, creative green spaces, and design that is tailor-fit to the individual homeowner leads to the truest sense of “your” home.
  • Commercial Interiors/Tenant Improvements – The unique look and infinite possibilites of green interiors can provide an inviting atmosphere for clients while maintaining the necessary functions and efficiency needed by business owners. Retail interiors can employ regional and recycled materials to create unique and exciting display areas that will attract new customers and establish their brand firmly. Restaurants make use of warm and eco-friendly materials to transport guests mentally, and create an atmosphere that is enticing and enhances the dining experience.

At Tulou Studio, our clients can realize the full potential of their projects while saving the planet and money in the process. There is no need to sacrifice good design to go green, on the contrary, going green provides the foundation for truly great design.

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